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EFEKT or impressive glass facade

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Curtain walls using the system EFEKT are a state-of-the-art solution with POLFLAM fire-resistant glass and still another construction technology product to let the designers spread their wings.   

Using that mounting system, we obtain a uniquely uniform and perfectly smooth façade wall made of large-size glass panels in a barely visible structure. The solution proved to be extremely effective, hence the name of the entire system.

The mounting system – exceptional opportunities

The MB-SR50N EFEKT is suitable for light-weight curtain walls, both suspended and filling walls, and for roofs, skylights and other special structures. The system’s structure is the modern stud-and-lock structure. From the outside, the POLFLAM glass fitted in the EFEKT system makes a uniform and smooth façade wall. The width of the horizontal and vertical structure lines is 2 cm. From the inside, the surface can become perfectly smooth, thanks to our careful selection of fitting sections and profiles. 

In the EFEKT system, POLFLAM glass forms a uniform, smooth wall from the outside. From the inside, thesurface of the structure is perfectly flush.

POLFLAM glass: perfect performance 

POLFLAM fire-resistant glass has been based on GUARDIAN glass. The façade glazing is of exclusive selectivity, transparency and thermal insulation. What does it mean?
It means most of all that we eliminate the effect of heat generated by solar radiation, that is, we avoid the risk of overheating. 

An extremely high Lt factor guaranties perfect light transmittance, in the range of 70%. The latter is a key factor when using glass façade as it allows for the interiors to be lit with natural light. 

POLFLAM has a latest in Europe technology hardening furnace and a Heat Soak Test furnace (HST). The parameters of POLFLAM glass applicable for outdoor use have even more advantages, for instance, perfect thermal insulation (Ug up to 1.0 W/m2K) and acoustic insulation (up to 45 dB). 

POLFLAM units mounted in the EFEKT system can be added any extra function-glass panes to it, e.g., with low emission, selective or solar-control layers which add to its functionality. All that provides almost unlimited possibilities for tailored, original solutions for applications as requiring as fire-resistant façades.

The system and the glass: the highest safety standard 

The EFEKT system facade combined  with  POLFLAM  fire-resistant glass guaranties, apart from the  obvious  visual  effect,  fulfilment of the strictest safety requirements. The façade makes an effective  fire-safe  curtain.  This, in turn, allows shortening the distance between buildings required in fire-protection regulations. The highest quality of the EFEKT façade has been proved through  tests  in  certified  laboratories. The entire solution using POLFLAM glass in classes EI 30 and EI 60 undergoes testing in recognised  European  notified units,  in  full  configuration  and for maximum panel dimensions 1500 x 3000 mm (tested from the outside and the inside of the facade).

Source: www.polflam.plAuthor: shangyi

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