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AGC introduces two LED-embedded glass products

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The Glassiled range now features two new products, Glassiled Motion and Smart.


Glassiled is AGC’s glass product featuring embedded Light-emitting diodes (monochrome or RGB(1)) powered by a transparent conductive coating.


These newcomers will be previewed at the Light & Building show in Frankfurt, Germany from 13 to 18 March 2016.


Glassiled Motion incorporates individually controlled, monochrome or RGB LEDs within a double glazing unit.


This means that when night falls the glass can transform into a giant screen, a visual and interactive medium capable of displaying any animated design.


The product’s high quality is the result of extremely luminous, yet energy-efficient LEDs visible at a distance of 3 km.


Since the wiring is invisible the glass retains 99% of its transparency; there are no LED strips to distort the view through the glass or spoil the project design.


The electronic components and LEDs are protected from moisture and atmospheric deterioration by the double glazing, which also automatically provides thermal insulation.


Glassiled Smart delivers the same functionalities as Glassiled Motion, but has been specially designed for renovation projects.


It can add a luminous touch to an existing building whose general architecture and original window frames must be kept.


With this solution, each glazing can be replaced individually since a special connector is used instead of wires.

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