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Enhance the view with AGC’s Planibel Clearsight anti-reflective glass

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AGC Glass Europe introduces Planibel Clearsight, its exclusive anti-reflective glass. The special anti-reflective coating helps to minimise glare while reducing light reflection to just 0.8%, significantly lower than conventional float glass. This makes it ideal for applications in museums and shop windows.  This product is available as of March 2016.


Less reflection
The conventional float glass used in shop windows and displays typically has a visible light refection of 8%, resulting in a mirror-like effect that shoppers and museum visitors find distracting and annoying. Any objects displayed behind the glass are hard to see and expensive lighting systems have to be deployed to counter this effect. 

AGC’s Planibel Clearsight features a special coating applied to both surfaces, reducing light reflection on the glass surface to just 0.8%. This renders the pane of glass nearly invisible, offering greater contrast for any objects displayed behind it and making it the ideal choice for applications such as museum and store showcases in which paintings and products are viewed through glass. 

Thanks to AGC’s magnetron sputtering technology, Planibel Clearsight offers a durable coating suitable for both interior and exterior applications. 

Shop Windows Planibel Clearsight
Planibel Clearsight - Clearsight

Superior scratch resistance and improved transparency 
Planibel Clearsight also features superior scratch resistance – yet another benefit for shop windows and displays that are commonly exposed to high levels of traffic. 

Produced on AGC’s highly transparent float glass, Planibel Clearsight delivers enhanced light transmission. When used in facades, it allows more light to enter the building and yields improved aesthetics.

Planibel Clearsight can be laminated and used in insulating glazing units.

Downlaod pictures here: http://www.agc-photolibrary.com:80/photolibrary/press/Planibel_Clearsight.html

AGC Glass Europe, a European leader in flat glass

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