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SCOUT – the latest inspection technology from Bucher Emhart Glass

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Bucher Emhart Glass (BEG) has launched its latest evolution in inspection technologies – SCOUT.

SCOUT is software but is also the platform that will be the foundation for current and future inspection technology improvements.

It allows BEG to offer better lighting, higher resolution optics, faster and more powerful processors, advanced inspection algorithms and a simplified user interface that is both intuitive and easy-to-use.

Regardless of the inspection configurations, all FleXinspect machines delivered today are equipped to operate with Scout and all of the technologies and benefits it offers.

Current users of the FleXinspect B, C and BC machines will be able to update their equipment to Scout and gain the functionality and advantages it offers. This is the evolutionary advantage of the FleXinspect concept. These machines’ electronics and modular mechanical designs are built to be able to evolve and improve as inspection technologies advance.

For customers who have previously invested in the Emhart Glass Veritas iB and iC vision inspection systems, there is an upgrade path to bring these Veritas to the Scout and FleXinspect technologies platform.

This ensures that machines already in place can be modernised to the latest and best for the next furnace campaign, without the need to replace them with new machines.

Multi-touch screen display

The software is designed to operate with a 21.5” high definition multi-touch screen display. FleXinspect is the first inspection system to use an ‘Apple iOS/Android’ type human-machine interface concept. Think smartphone meets inspection machine! Users navigate through the Scout system using the

same tap, swipe, pinch and reverse-pinch techniques used to navigate through apps on smartphones or tablets.

The software platform also allows BEG to make proprietary, in-house advances in image and inspection processing that are improving the inspection accuracy, precision and reliability of base, sealing surface, sidewall and dimensional inspections, as well as mold number reading.

Controlling all aspects of the inspection technology (hardware and software) enables the company to take the next step in the evolutionary path; closing the information loop between container forming and container inspection.

Realising Dreams

FleXinspect with SCOUT allows companies to take these first essential steps forward in meeting that requirement. By sharing the knowledge and expertise between the inspection and forming resources within BEG, the dream of automating the container manufacturing process based on precision measurement results will soon be a reality.

In the future, inspection machines will no longer be a filter to remove bad containers from the production line. They will play a larger role in controlling the actual quality of the container by acting as a precision sensing device that monitors and feeds back information based on process changes and conditions. This next step is one that will be both evolutionary and revolutionary to the glass container industry.

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