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Tyumen Plant modernizes equipment with the help of Italian engineers

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Italian engineers came to the aid of their Russian colleagues. In the Tyumen factory "Stekloteh" is modernization of production lines, and in accordance with all European quality standards. Already now it is one of the few companies in the country, which is able to produce annually 300 million bottles.
Italian Sergio deftly changes the parts of the machine. This equipment makes in his homeland. And in Tyumen on it made glassware. Service Engineer invited to upgrade the line. It works silently. There are few who know a foreign language.

"We are dealing with the mechanics in professional language. Therefore, with the help of gestures, polufraz find a common language. Sometimes the appeal to the services of colleagues - translator, "- said the service engineer «Bottero» Sergio Brinёoni.

For three days, the engineer will install new valves, replace electronics. As a result, increase line capacity by 5%. Previously, 15 bottles of 100 were defective, and now they will be even less. The effect is obvious.

"Should this change the system of the order of 60 thousand euro. It's all together. With accessories, with the arrival, with customs clearance, with the implementation ", - said the director of "Stekloteh" Sergey Gerashchenko plant.

The upgrade will pay for itself in about a year, experts predict, because the line is aligned to the issue of lightweight bottles. This is a new trend in the production of glass containers. True, not all plants can go on expensive technology.

Two bottles: standard weight and lightweight. The difference between a total of about 80 grams. For the consumer is not noticeable. But manufacturers are very noticeable. Reduces transportation costs. The lighter the container, the more you can carry at a time. In fact, it's a penny to a single bottle. But the party bought millions of pieces. Lite makes and trendy, green. Here and this has recently learned.

"Buyers, of course, been waiting for, because this issue was solved a long time, was worked. Firstly, we had to dial certain volumes to repaint the windows from a few days to set, and for a month for two ", - explained the chief engineer of the plant" Stekloteh "Viktor Stefanov.

Green bottle snapping foam beverage manufacturers: "Baltika" and "Carlsberg". After a month here and upgrade the second line.


Source: http://www.steklosouz.ru/news/show&id=3840Author: shangyi

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