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TruShield – Durable Glass Protection That Doesn’t React with Silicone

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Homeowners are looking for clean and clear glass all year round, regardless of where it sits on their property. This is particularly important for conservatory roofs, roof lanterns and sky pods.  


Roof glass needs to have the most light transmission and clarity possible, whilst being low-maintenance for homeowners, who don’t want the hassle of cleaning glass in hard-to-reach places. That’s why easy-clean glass and glass protection systems have become so popular.

But there are certain glass protection coatings which react with the silicone used to seal some roof glazing components during installation. This reaction can cause the silicone to fail, which in turn can lead to drips and leaks from newly-installed glazed roof systems.

TruShield® the versatile glass protection system from Edgetech UK doesn’t react with silicone so there’s no chance of seals perishing as a direct result of contact with TruShield.

TruShield is a top choice for installers, who can be comfortable in the knowledge that the glass coating will not have a negative effect on their installations. Plus, it means that installation companies can offer extra peace of mind to homeowners.

TruShield is a durable glass protection system that can be relied on. It has been tested at TÜV Rheinland Germany where a 10-year service life was simulated, subjecting the product to the harshest conditions. The long-term tests have proven that TruShield is exceptionally resistant to heat, UV rays and even chemical erosion.

Designed to work effectively in any environmental conditions, on both organic and inorganic dirt, TruShield is unlike other easy-clean systems.

Its development has been tailored to the problems facing installers and homeowners with roof glazing – clarity and cleanliness.

Edgetech is creating a national network of TruShield Approved Applicators. If you are an IGU Manufacturer, Fabricator or Installer interested in adding value to your offering with TruShield contact me today on: 07525 911494 or visit: www.trushield-glass.com for more information.

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