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ICG-CTC workshop in Madrid

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On Feb 18 2016, a workshop organized by CTCCoordinating Technical Committeeof ICG started in the headquarters of CSIC in Madrid. Members of the workshop are TC members, TCs chairs, members of the Steering Committee, Advisory Board and the Management Board. They made a discussion on future glass applications with high scientific and technical significance.


Participants presented at most three R&D topics of future glass in a limited time. This topics mainly concentrate on energy or environment in glass production, process innovations and functions in materials and thin films. Then there are hot discussions and debates, where questions put forward in this workshop are about science and technology such as which R&D topics will be most important for future glass application.


CTC will summarize and analyze conclusions drawn from the workshop, and go on an in-depth discussion to identify some important R&D fields.

Source: ICGAuthor: shangyi

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