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National Glass Association Joins Glazing Industry Code Committee

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The National Glass Association (NGA) today announced it has joined the Glazing Industry Code Committee (GICC).   

“We recognize the important mission of the GICC to develop a greater awareness of architectural glass, glazing materials, and glazing systems as safe and economical products among code officials, government agencies and the general public,” said Nicole Harris, NGA president & CEO. “By joining the GICC, we are able to take a more actionable role to support and promote their important efforts.”

GANA Executive Vice President, Bill Yanek, noted that “code advocacy continues to impact the glass and glazing industry in a significant way.  The stronger GICC's voice in code forums becomes, the better our industry will fare.  NGA's membership is a welcome addition to GICC that will strengthen our glass and glazing industry advocacy efforts.”


About GICC

Founded in 1983, the GICC was formed to interact with the model building code organizations upon behalf of the nation’s glass and glazing industry. Beginning in 2010, the GICC became a part of the Glass Association of North America as a stand-alone, semi-autonomous “committee,” open to all qualified companies and other trade associations serving the glass, glazing and fenestration industries.

The current membership of GICC is a diverse group of companies and trade organizations involved in manufacturing, fabrication, distribution, or installation of curtain walls, windows, doors, and sunrooms and the glazing systems for those architectural products. This diversity enables GICC to analyze and pursue code actions on a wide range of glass and glazing issues.

Founded in 1948, the National Glass Association (NGA),



China Glass Network

The NGA provides education and training programs and services for its member companies and keeps them informed through its official publication 

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