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On the adjustment of import duties on glass for solar cell production

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In April 2016 the Russian Ministry of Industry held a meeting on the issue of the adjustment of import duties on glass for the production of solar cells. The organizer of the event was a department of state regulation of foreign trade activity.  


Initiated a question about adjusting rates of import customs duties on glass for solar cell production company HEVEL. Executives of the firm, referring to the special properties of glass and the conclusion «TEL SOLAR» Expert Office of Switzerland, claiming that Russian glass factories can not produce this product.

In addition, a representative HEVEL reported that the Swiss expert organization «TEL SOLAR» obtained a list of vendors who have recommended them to buy imported glass. He stressed that this does not recommend to buy glass for solar panels from Russian producers.

Representatives of the glass factories Pilkington, AGC and Guardian assured that their plant is not in this list, the ban on purchase above the glass from Russian producers.

Russian President Viktor Osipov StekloSouz reported that three Russian plant JSC "Salavatsteklo", JSC "Saratovstroysteklo" and JSC "Caspian float glass plant" can produce glass for solar panels. However, importers prefer not to place orders in Russia under various pretexts. At the same time, the glass industry continues to evolve, including and in the indicated direction: construct a plant for the production of float glass of fine denominations, the line will be commissioned in the 1st half of 2016 at the "symbol." At the same time the factory "Vostek" is a preparation for the consideration for the construction of the float plant for thin denominations. Completed market research on this topic.

StekloSouz Russia represents the interests of the domestic glass industry and categorically against the initiative of Hevel. the glass for solar cells to customer requirements of any Union or the plants are not sent. Moreover, according to Head of Quality Control Service HEVEL Timakova VP, glass imported to Russia from the company Evroglass. We need to examine the requirements, completed V.I. Osipov.

Chairman TC 41 Alexander G. Chesnokov, in his statement said that representatives HEVEL say that they import in Russia Evroglass glass, which is designed for construction. two weeks is necessary to give the company HEVEL sent to requirements that are necessary to explore all stakeholders, concluded A.G.Chesnokov.

The representative of JSC "Caspian float glass plant" the head of the quality management system directions Borisov Alexander raised the question of the abolition of the requirements of Russian companies to receive the relevant international standards certificates. He said: "In terms of the requirements of the certificates are the same".

Presiding Kuskov Dmitry Alexandrovich, Deputy Director of the Department of State regulation of foreign trade after hearing the arguments of the parties, ordered the heads of the company to prepare HEVEL requirements and submit to the Ministry within two weeks. Department immediately forward the documents to all interested parties to study and make proposals.

The participants expressed confidence that the results obtained to the glass requirements will be studied and taken positive solutions. StekloSouz of Russia will inform on the progress of the movement of the matter.

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