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Welcome China Glass Network’s New Partner: Foshan Sentai Machinery Co., Ltd

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(China Glass Network) Recently, Foshan Sentai Machinery Co., Ltd has chosen China Glass Network as its partner for expanding its overseas market. The special service mode of China Glass Network is “Trinity Service= Network + Books+ Exhibitions”, including website building, e-commerce trade, software developing, professional books, exhibitions and etc. Under the help of this B2B platform, Sentai Machinery will step up the pace dramatically to reach its target.


About Foshan Sentai Machinery Co., Ltd

Sentai Machinery has many years experience in specializing in the production of glass machinery equipment,from product development to manufacturing, sufficient detail to grasp customer requirements,g lassware presses for the production of glass industry demand, disc bake mouth machine, tunnel-type drying mouth machine, push cup machine, disc polishing machines and other precision machinery.


Advantages of its glass machinery and equipment

Its glass machinery and equipment has applicability, CNC intelligent, easy to operate, reliable performance, and low power consumption. Over the years, the company has produced hundreds of various models of the size of the glass mechanical, mechanical quality performance is highly recognized for our customers.

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