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Get under the skin of a world beating glazing robot

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It’s time to take a closer look at the workings of a world beater – with our Anatomy of a Glazing Robot.  

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Hird has created the interactive feature so people can really understand how the 


It is the second in our ‘Anatomy of’ series – following 


As with the Valla, we give visitors to our website a guided tour of the Winlet 575 glazing robot.

Star glass lifter

They can click on any one of eleven buttons to reveal explanations of how the machine works, and why it is revolutionising glass lifting. Hird is the UK and Ireland authorised dealer for Winlet glazing robots, and we think the machine is an ideal candidate to get the star treatment.


Managing Director Phil Hird said: “Our 


Precision and productivity

Danish-made Winlet glazing robots are designed to lift, carry and place glass panels and other non-porous sheet products with precision, and with the minimal amount of manual handling, greatly increasing the speed and productivity of glass installation.


They are rapidly become a go-to item in the Hird glass lifter hire fleet, with many of our customers admiring their compact design and features. For example, the Winlet 575 glazing robot can lift up to 575kg to a height of 3.6m.It can be remotely controlled. Also, its vacuum manipulator can keep a panel perfectly aligned in the same vertical and horizontal axes while being moved.This means the panel can be placed precisely in an aperture without the operator having to reposition the head or the load having to be manual handled.


Growing range

The Anatomy of a Glazing Robot includes comments from users and specifications, so potential users can see which Winlet machine best suits their needs from a growing range.

Lifting capacities range from 350kg to the new 

For more information about the Winlet range of glazing robots exclusively available for hire or for sale from Hird, contact one of our three regional operational hubs.



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