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Exhibitor Highlights for Glasstech Asia

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Glasstech Asia 2016, the 14th International Glass Products, Glass Manufacturing, Processing & Materials Exhibition will be held from 24 - 26 November 2016 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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There will be over 300 exhibitors at the event, among them Cooltemper and Vesuvius Zyarock Ceramics.


Cooltemper Ltd 

Based in UK, Cooltemper is a major supplier to world-leading glass companies and is recognised world-wide as a trusted partner. 80% of its products are flat glass industry related while the other 20% are specialised and high temperature ovens for customised industrial applications. We also comply with world-wide CE, UL, ASME & CSA standards. 


The company also has a number of sales agents based around the globe. All of which offer not only sales support, but also crucially, after-sales service, important to both us and our customers. To keep the end-product made with our furnances well above industry standards, we have a duty to offer personnel re-training programs and after-sales service.


Vesuvius Zyarock Ceramics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Vesuvius is a global provider of customised products, services and technologies that make demanding high temperature industrial application possible. Vesuvius Glass & Industrial Technologies (G&I) is a dedicated business unit which is focused and committed to the global glass industry with expanding materials and technologies to serve the market. Vesuvius G&I specialises in designing and manufacturing ceramic solutions to meet such requirements. Our products can withstand temperatures up to 1500°C, provide low thermal expansion and conductivity, and are made of high purity fused silica material, well known under its ZYAROCK® brand name. Vesuvius G&I products are applied in various markets such as glass manufacturing, glass heat treatment, metal heat treatment, photovoltaic and others. 


Vesuvius, the world leading manufacturer of high purity, high quality fused silica products, the high quality ZYAROCK® rolls, blocks, saggar, pot etc. are widely used in glass melting, glass transformation, metallurgy, non-ferrous and even in solar industries.

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