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Anti-poverty Project for PV in Hebei Province, China

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(China Glass Network) Recently, Hebei Province has issued an announcement of a anti-poverty project for PV in 2016. This year Hebei Province tries to solve the problem of PV lacking in 45 government-designated poor counties and exceedingly indigent areas of Yantai in Hebei Province. In terms of the target of this project and the bearing capacity of electricity price subsidies , Hebei Province plans to help more than 40,000 people and establishes photovoltaic plants with 2 million kWh. In principle, the photovoltaic plants built in each poverty county have the ability to hold more than 50,000 kWh. Cities in Hebei Province have the right to set the specific and practical goals.


It is said that power stations for photovoltaic resources in poor areas of Hebei Province will be established according the method of commercial power stations matching and ensuring every person is helped.



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