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The Sound Momentum of Development in China's Glassware Industry

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(China Glass Network) Developed countries such as the United States and European countries are the hub of daily glassware. Enterprises like Arc International and Libbey are key players in the glassware industry, which dominate the glass market. However, the development limitations and setbacks for them include insufficient resources and labor cost. They are aimed at developing into manufacturers producing high-quality products with low quantity and exquisite craftsmanship.


While Chinese glass enterprises have the advantages of raw materials supplies and labor cost. Its glassware industry has gain rapid development. However, China’s glassware industry starts late and falls behind developed countries in Europe and America when it comes to production technology. For many years China has been producing medium-and low-end products.


Features of domestic market competitive landscape of glassware:

Firstly, although there are many glassware enterprises, most of them are in small scale.

Secondly, the low concentration of China’s glassware industry is not conducive to its development.

Thirdly, the gap between domestic and international glassware industry is narrowed.

Fourthly, glassware enterprises are actively taking part in the international competition. The industry of glassware is not only a capital-intensive but also a technology-intensive and labor-intensive industry.


Through expanding its production scale, improving manufacturing technique and introducing technology, fund and experience, China’s glassware industry is developing towards a healthy trend of light weight, environmental friendliness, energy conservation and nationalization.

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