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Ceramic Welding for cracks on the flank of the crater

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Eroded by different types of gases and frequently flushed by flame, the chauffer in the regenerator suffered local temperature change, and the bricks on the two arch legs of the chauffer in the east and west of 600 T float glass furnace which had been operating for nearly six years fell off by about 50 mm to 100 mm. There was a vertical crack about 100mm~200mm between the flat arch leg and flank of the chauffer, and part of the flame soared from the crack and roasted the columns, which seriously affected the strength of the steel beam, weakened the stability of the steel structure and threatened the structure safety of the furnace. By adopting the ceramic welding technology of the company, the vertical crack between the flat arch legs and the flank of the chauffer was repaired from inside the furnace, the fire did not penetrate from the wall any more, deterioration of furnace structure was prevented completely and the service life of the furnace was prolonged for another two years.

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