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5 products you probably didn't know were made of toughened glass

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The many benefits of toughened, or tempered glass, are well known. It’s super strong, withstanding around five times as much pressure as annealed glass, and in the unlikely event that it does break, it crumbles into small pebbles that are easily cleaned up and are far safer than the razor-sharp shards of standard annealed glass.  


Everyone knows products like car windows, glass splashbacks, glass balustrades and glass canopies are made of toughened glass, but some of the products that exploit these benefits may surprise you. Read on to discover 5 products you might not know are made of toughened glass…


1. Solar panels

Solar panels can be a costly investment, so in order for them to be cost-effective, they need to be long-lasting. Toughened glass generally has a lifespan of around 80 years, making it ideal for an application requiring longevity.

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As well as being better able to withstand blunt force, toughened glass is also more resistant to scratching and will stay clearer for longer than standard annealed glass. This means more light is able to pass through the glass to the photovoltaic cells to create electricity. For these reasons, toughened glass is often used in the manufacture of solar panels.


2. Pint glasses

It’s a sad reality that in pubs and clubs across the world, there will always be someone prone to drinking too much and getting themselves involved in a fight. Sadly this has, on occasion, ended in tragedy, as glasses get smashed and used as weapons. The development of producing tempered glass pint glasses has seen these incidents reduce in number. Glasses are harder to smash and, if they do, the perpetrator is left with a handful of tiny glass pebbles rather than lethal shards. Good news for everyone!


3. Diving masks

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If you’re planning on a spot of scuba diving, you’re going to want to ensure the lenses in the mask you’re wearing are made of tempered glass. As well as being super strong, toughened glass is able to withstand pressures up to 10,000psi, so you’d have to dive to a depth of around 4 miles before you need to worry about your mask being compromised. And as the current deep dive record stands at 1,090ft (or 0.2 miles) that shouldn’t be a problem!


4. Smartphone screen protectors

These days, our mobile phones are never far from our hands. According to 


5. Oven and microwave oven doors

As well as being super strong, toughened glass is also much more resistant to thermal breakage than standard annealed glass, making it ideal for oven and microwave oven doors. Tempered glass remains stable in temperatures up to 250°C.


Of course, there are also many applications for toughened glass that you would expect. Commercial glass suppliers like Peterlee Glass are the experts when it comes to manufacturing and supplying toughened glass. Visit our 

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