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Ceramic welding repair for the molten pool wall

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Pool wall bricks on the crater of a horse-shoe flame glass furnace were occasionally subject to errosion of the alkali and tensile strength from the glass, forming two about 2000mm long x 200mm wide erosion seams, and resulting in leakage of molten glass, so that the height of the liquid level cannot meet the normal requirement; if erosion becomes worse, molten glass surface will be further lower and will affect the operation of plate pulling machine, the plate may drop and cause production halts. In order to solve the above problems, we first reduce molten glass surface under the lower edge of the eroded seam, solder the eroded seams by using the ceramic welding technology of our company, and raise the molten glass level to normal height after soldering, thus the service life of the furnace was prolonged for one year.



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