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Glass Can Build An Eco-Friendly Environment

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Eco-friendly literally means earth-friendly. This term refers to products and practices that contribute to green living and help safeguard earth’s natural resources.  In order to create a balance in the conservation and preservation of our resources and to minimize the size of our ecological footprints, this green lifestyle should be adapted by every individual.



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What can one do to make this lifestyle a part of his daily life?

Invest in eco-friendly products and practices!

Glass-Your first step towards green living

One such product that has the capability of regenerating energy and maintaining sustainability is glass! This green product has been inspiring architects around the globe by its multitudinous benefits and its demand is increasing by the day!


Glass can be used to insulate interiors, in flooring & stairs, in doors & windows, walkways, cabins, balustrades, bathroom vanities, wardrobes, benches & table tops, pool fences and many more areas.

Each variant has its own unique benefits that will help you achieve your own comfort zone.


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Best place to buy Glass products!

AIS is India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer. We offer myriad solutions depending on the need of your project and customized solutions to cater to every need in glass. We also provide you with customized solutions according to your requirements.

Our solutions will help you achieve a delicate balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality, provide natural lighting, control temperatures, endorse energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and promote a green lifestyle!

How can it be useful to create an eco-friendly environment?

With AIS glass, creating an eco-friendly environment is possible as the products can be recycled almost forever. Besides, they also come with a 5- start rating that consumes 40% less energy and last 10 times longer than traditional bulbs. With AIS products, you are guaranteed to keep your homes cooler during summer and warmer during winter. AIS glass also offers energy-efficient and at the same time also helps you increase the aesthetic value of your green structure. With us, you will also be able to leave in peace and help in reducing the carbon footprint.



At AIS, we incessantly strive to fortify our ecological commitment by expanding our offerings of eco-friendly glass and glass products each day. So choose AIS and make your offices and homes a greener place!

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