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Schott Glass Gets Federal Money

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One of the few Republicans to support the stimulus package in Congress is Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter.

He was in Luzerne County Monday promising federal money for a big employer.

Senator Specter said the reason he is voting in favor of the stimulus is simple, to prevent our current recession from getting any worse like the depression our country faced in the late 1930s.

He is one of the few Republicans backing the stimulus bill and Monday Specter shared his reasons why at the Schott Glass Company in Duryea.

"It's an absolute necessity if we're to prevent the current serious recession we have from turning into a full-fledged depression like we had in 1929," Specter said.

The senator explained to workers at that it's not about doing what's best for his party but what's right for America.

"I agree with him.  The faster they make the decision, the quicker people can get working," said worker Barbara Schuster.

The lawmaker was at Schott to announce $3.2 million in federal money. The facility plans to use the funds to make high-quality optical glass for the military.  Some workers call it job security.

"Hopefully I'll be working here for another seven to 10 years," said worker Michelle Korpuski.

With the sad shape of the economy, workers at the plant said the millions in federal dollars couldn't have come at a better time. While Schott's CEO agrees and is happy about the money, he said despite the economy, defense spending is stable.
"We don't see the massive swings that we see in industries like automotive, where of course automotive production is at a 28-year low," said Schott CEO Gerald Fine.

As for the stimulus bill goes, many wonder once it's passed how long will it take until we see the benefits.

"I discussed that specifically with the governor. It applies to Pennsylvania.  He said we could hammer stuff out in nine months. I said 'Ed, how about sooner?' He said, 'If we turn a twist well, if we turn a twist we could do it in six months,'" Specter said.

For workers here at home and across the country the sooner the economy turns around, the better.

Senator Specter will be voting on the stimulus bill about 5:30 p.m. He said if it doesn't pass, that could mean more job losses, more home foreclosures and, as the president put it, "a potential catastrophe."

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