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2008 Report on China's Photovoltaic Glass Market

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The photovoltaic sector has been growing rapidly in the recent years against a global background where there is an increasing demand for energy sources, the prices of traditional energy sources are aloft, and environment protection is attracting more and more attention. According to Japan's new energy sources plans, European white paper on renewable energy and the 
U.S. photovoltaic plans, the global grid-connected installed capacity of photovoltaic power would be 15GW by 2010 and 300GW with the output value of US$300bn by 2030,.

In China, photovoltaic industry has grown fast in the past few years due to its cost advantage and the government's favorable policies. According to the Mid- and Long-term Plans for Renewable Energy issued by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the total solar power output would be 300MW in China by 2010, and 1,800MW by 2020.

As the basic material for the photo-thermal and photo-electric converting systems, photovoltaic glass is needed in all the solar devices. As a result, the demand of the photovoltaic sector for photovoltaic glass is great. In 2008, solar devices claimed 45 million square meters of photovoltaic glass worldwide, increasing by 40% year on year. That China can only satisfy 60% of its total demand for the glass means a giant gap between demand and supply in the country.

The photovoltaic glass sector has attracted a great number of investors who are bullish about the outlook. In 2008, quite a few photovoltaic glass projects have been invested in China by both China's home investors, such as Henan Ancai Lighting Co., Ltd., Qingdao Jinjing Co., Ltd., and Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited, and foreign investors, represented by Saint-Gobain from France.

While drawing a complete portrait of China's photovoltaic glass sector by elaborating on its industrial chain, market features, supply and demand, output and sales, competitive landscape and other aspects, this report provides the information of the major photovoltaic-glass projects in China. In addition, this report also assesses the competitiveness of major producers of photovoltaic glass in the country.

Source: MarketAvenue.cnAuthor: shangyi

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