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Marabu presents perfect solution for printing onto glass and optimized recycling

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The „Cradle to CradleSM“-Principles describe recyclable products and processes for human and environmental comfort.

For glass inks this means that 100 % of the contents disappear during recycling which helps to preserve the purity of the products made from recycled material.

In order to return used glass into the material cycle, it is normally melted, the printed ink included. If the printing ink contains substances such as heavy metals, it is assumed that they remain within the cycle and consequently in the new glass.

The new UV Curable Screen Printing Ink has been developed by Marabu with the EPEA Environmental Protection and Encouragement Agency (“EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH”) according to „Cradle to CradleSM“- Standards. By recycling the printed glass, the ingredients of UVGCC dissolve without any residue.

Today, used glass is the most important raw material for new glass packaging.

The recycling of glass does not only offer economic advantages but it is also and first of all beneficial for the environment. To not only require Quality, Working Safety, Health and Environmental Protection but to live it is part of the Marabu Company policy. The Marabu-Management is fully aware of this responsibility and has proved this awareness with several projects for many years.

Just like the established ink series Ultraglass UVGL and UVGO, UVGCC´s formulation is free of heavy-metal and solvents. The main difference is the halogen-free pigmentation, for which the UVGCC meets all demands of a completely recyclable ink.

Ultraglass UVGCC is suitable for Screen Printing and Roller Coating onto highly stressed restaurant, container, and flat glass; featuring very good adhesion, scratch, alkaline, chemical, and excellent dishwasher resistance.

For highest resistances and as a 2-component ink, Ultraglass UVGCC is to be processed with the Adhesion Modifier UV-HV 8 and post- baked for 20 min. at 160°C. Compared to the conventional ceramic enamels, which need to be baked for 2 – 2,5 h at 600 – 650°C it is particularly energy efficient.

Furthermore, it features all the common advantages of the UV chemistry: unlimited mesh opening and high production speeds.

Marabu presented this new ink system with a brilliant colour range at the „Nutec 2008“- offering almost unlimited design varieties by mixing formulas according to established systems like Pantone® and RAL.

Source: Marabu GmbH & Co.KGAuthor: shangyi

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