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Weihai Weilan’s Successful Story with China Glass Network

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China Glass Network

One tree can not make a forest. In many times if you choose a good platform and seize the opportunity skillfully, you will often harvest surprise! For Director Liu of Weihai Weilan Import & Export Co., Ltd, joining the China Glass Network (international version) seems to open the shortcut to success. With the help of China Glass Network (international version) over the past 7 years, Weihai Weil have got millions of trade volume. Enviable!


Weihai Weilan Import & Export Co., Ltd joined China Glass Network (international version) on September 27, 2010. For this day, Director Liu still has a clear memory. In the past seven years, Weihai Weilan has logged on to the China Glass Network (international version) for 4062 times, almost twice each day, and accumulated a successful transaction of $ 2.1 million. As the saying goes, "where your energy is, where a flower result will be", which is a good proof.


 Talking about the process of the transaction, Liu said in an exciting way: "Joining a platform was also an attempt, and we did not expect to be able to consult the product online quickly. But with our premium products manufactured in advanced chemical techniques, customers began visiting our products online. As time goes by, we also have a sound reputation in the domestic as well as foreign markets. We have a long - term cooperation with our CVD online coating glass. To be honest, we can open up overseas business without going out. This is really great!


When it comes to the experience of cooperation with us, Liu told the reporter that "the service of China Glass Network (international version) is really good, and salesman, Mr. Jiang often sends us lots of customer information through phone, WeChat and QQ, greatly improving our transaction rate. At the same time, Miss Wang for the customer service always gives us appropriate suggestions and solutions to guide us how to release products and increase corporate exposure, so that we do not miss any opportunities to promote corporate image. It’s really happy to meet them and their enthusiasm. The dedication lets me believe that China Glass Network (international version) is bound to run better and better. "


Trust, persistence, development and innovation are indispensable elements for success. In the past 7 years, Weihai Weilan has given China Glass Network (international version) endless support and recognition. We are also carrying the trust of customers and constantly changing and developing forward. Now China Glass Network (international version) operation mode is becoming more and more mature with huge customer group, database and mature operation mechanism to be able to provide more glass enterprises with better network information services. I believe that in the future, we will, as Liu wishes, "Maintain the existing advantages and provide more business opportunities for glass enterprises." Work together to create a better chapter! "

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