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Golden Glass Award Proceeds to Vote! Cast A Vote To Support Your Favorites!

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(China Glass Network) Golden Glass Award, the 6th China Glass Brands Appraisal proceeds to the voting stage. The voting channel opens at 11:18 a.m. on 3rd January, 2019.

Please review the highlights with us during this event!

01 Shortening Voting Cycle

Analyzing from previous data, the organizing committee decides to shorten the voting time to 23 days only, which is the most efficient and best voting cycle. In order to protect interests of each participating company, Golden Glass Award continues to adopt WeChat voting channel, which also provides much more convenience to voters. Move your finger once and voting is done!

02 Golden Advertising Opportunities With Free of Charge

As one of the largest platforms in glass industry, Golden Glass Award is highly socialized. The continuous 23-days voting time facilitates the nominating companies and nominators' self-advertisement. Most importantly, it is Free Of Charge!

03 Showing Brands of Chinese Glass Companies

Providing a worldwide stage for Chinese glass companies to present themselves, Golden Glass Award endows participators golden opportunities to shine across the global. We want to extend special thanks to below companies for their steadfast support. If you want to join in, please feel free to call 86-571-89935741.

Shenzhen Junhui Glass Products Co., Ltd. 

Zhonghe (Changzhou) Science and Technology  Co., Ltd. 

Foshan XinXingYe Glass Co.,Ltd.

HeNan Yuke Glass Technology Co.,Ltd.

ZhongShan City Anchor Glass Film Industry Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Emaging Technology Co., Ltd.

Related Voting Information:

Voting Cycle: January 03- January 25, 2019

Voting Processes:

1. Scan the QR code of “Golden Glass Award” to enter into the vote page.

2. Choose the types of award: enterprise, products, individuals.

3. Choose the specific award type.

4. Vote for your intended company or persons.

5. Save your vote and submit.

Voting Rules:

1.Based on the principle of opening, justice, equality and to avoid vote cheating, the vote could only be cast through WeChat.

2.Each WeChat account could only vote the same company, product or person one time per day.

3.Please pay attention to our official WeChat “Golden Glass Award” to get latest information and watch over the poll.

4.The companies that attend the vote can get the “On-line Popular Award” as long as the vote number lists the first in corresponding category.

5.The final result will be comprehensibly decided by the jury according to Experts and Buyers reviewing.  

The company or person who makes cheating during the vote and is found for the first time is not allowed for vote for 24 hours; the company or person who makes cheating and is found for the second time does not have the vote number and not allowed for the vote in 3 days; the company or person who makes cheating and is found for the third time will be disqualified.

All explanations of this event will be reserved by China Glass Network.

Additionally, Golden Glass Award will be held on 21st May, 2019 at Crowne Plaza Beijing International Airport. If you are interested to attend our award ceremony and to be a part of it, please do not hesitate to call 86-571-89935741 or send email with full details of your company to glassinchina01@163.com.

Come and Join in us to learn, discuss and share future of glass industry!

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