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More reports of microwave glass doors exploding

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DALLAS - Two weeks after News 8 reported on two people in North Texas who watched the glass explode from their microwaves while it was shut off, more people have come forward with similar stories.

Now, more people are raising concerns about what manufacturers say are isolated incidents.

In April, Mack Williams, of McKinney, said he had just finished heating up a mug of water when he met with an explosion as he opened the door of his one-year-old General Electric microwave. The appliance was off, he said.

"[It] scared the thunder out of me," he said.

Williams said he was lucky to only suffer several small cuts when the glass blew out of the microwave door and into his face and arms.

"I had blood running down my arms and face," he said. "Fortunately, I had my glasses on."

News 8 found three similar cases in North Texas.

Jon Gray, of Dallas, told News 8 in a previous report that his GE microwave had not been used in days when the door blew out as he pulled the handle.

"If I had been on the other side of that microwave door I might not be here talking on the camera today," he said. "I may be in the hospital somewhere with shards of glass in my face, throat, who knows where."

GE said breaks can be caused by small, but rare, defects in the glass or by an impact to the glass itself. The company said glass may not break until some time after an impact, which makes it seem spontaneous.

There has been no recall and GE says its products are safe.

"It's never been damaged in any way that we know of," Williams said of his microwave.

Williams said GE offered him free installation and delivery for a new appliance, but would not give him a new microwave.

"I said, 'If this is all you're going to do about it, then you're going to hear from somebody bigger than me,'" he said.

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