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Factory Restart in COVID-19

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2020 is a really special and unique new year. 

Everything is going as normal in the end of 2019. We scheduled to close the factory 15 days before our Spring Festival. All the labors and clients come into holiday and started to shopping and prepare the food, drinks as well as other traditional food for new year Eve. But all these won't be put to use any more in the new year. 

It was 10 days before Eve, some hospital in Wuan accepting some strange Pneumonia patients. Nobody is aware of the disease. Actually it is the Coronavirus. Some days later, more similar coming then it is beyond control.

Immediately, The whole China went into first grade immergency situation. All the stores, markets, resterants, hotels as well as other life entertainment places closed. And Wuhan colsed the city. Nobody allowed to enter and exit and the same procedure for all other cities and even villages. Actually all the people just kept stay at home and in house.

All the factories and companies is scheduled to come back on 1th Feb and some is Lantern Festival. But they have to continue to close as we have to fight for the Coronavirus. 
Finally, due to the effort of our whole country, the Virus is under our control the end of Feb, 2020 but it still exist. The Government encouraged factory and company back to work but still need to take all the necessary actions including self-isolated.  In this occassion, all of our labors tried to come back on 10th March.

We need to register and take temperature when enter and do self-isolation for 14 days and everyone have to wear the breathing mask. The public place have to be disinfected. 




Source: OriginalAuthor: James Wang

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