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Heavydrive: complicated glazing from the inside

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Fitting the pane around the corner post from the inside - Image rights: Heavydrive.com

A common problem when glazing under an overhang is that pillars or other architectural elements get in the way of fitting the pane directly.

The Heavydrive team was tasked with glazing a house extension in the Bavarian town of Donauwörth. The steep position of the site posed a challenge for crane access. It would have been too expensive to hire a large truck-mounted crane to reach from the road, but Heavydrive came up with a solution using its special equipment.

Image rights: Heavydrive.com

The team attached the VSG 450 K vacuum suction system with a spreader cylinder to the assembly jig of an MRK 86 mini crawler crane. The long, heavy-load assembly jig even enables panes to be fitted under an overhang.

This meant the 200 kg glass element could safely be manoeuvred around the corner post and fitted into the opening from the inside. The team also assembled a 4-metre-long pane at the front. Within just two hours, the two technicians had installed the glass elements safely and without a hitch.

Heavydrive has the ideal solution, boasting a lifting capacity of up to 4000 kg: when the counterweight system and suction system are connected, panes can be held at an angle of up to 40°. They can then be moved laterally towards the window opening and placed with millimetre precision.

Source: glassonlineAuthor: shangyi

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