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WH LIPEX: new features for non-woven glass fibre tissue line

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WH Lipex has placed special emphasis on fast cleaning and good handling of the applicator. All internal parts can now be removed quickly and easily without the use of tools and can therefore be cleaned faster, reducing production line downtime considerably. Furthermore, the company was able to simplify the handling of the applicator considerably in order to make adjustments even faster and more precisely. The result is an accurate distribution and minimization of the binder consumption. This saves time and resources for customers.

The new filter inserts for the dryer can be easily changed during operation without the need for any tools. By pushing in the new filter insert (A), the old filter insert (B) is pushed out. This ensures that the filter process is not interrupted at any time. This guarantees a constant high quality of production. The filter mat can be produced inexpensively on the customer’s own production line.

WH Lipex, part of Woollard & Henry Group, is a Munich-based fibre glass technology company supplying know how from raw materials to finished fibres worldwide. Constant development for new products keeps WH Lipex in the forefront of the glass fibre industry.

Source: glassonlineAuthor: shangyi

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