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SageGlass: Vienna Museum – a fusion of old and new

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Sustainability and preserving the historic character were key priorities for the renovation of the Vienna Museum on Karlsplatz. An additional floor that appears to float above the old building has also almost doubled the museum’s available floor space. SageGlass electrochromic glass helps keep the indoor climate in the museum spaces stable. The smart glass helps prevent excessive light and heat.

Vertical expansion
In the competition held for the renovation in 2015, Ferdinand Ĉertov and Winkler + Ruck Architekten secured the project with the concept of a vertical expansion. A concrete block “floating” above the existing building would supply the extra space required. The architectural pièce de résistance: the building’s old and new elements would be kept structurally separate.

Old and new come together in the new space to create a cohesive whole. The interface is represented by a transparent glazed terrace level complete with multifunctional spaces for events and workshops. Extraordinary views of Karlsplatz and the Karlskirche can be enjoyed from the freely accessible viewing platform and café.

Smart glass
The planners and client selected 
SageGlass Classic in all glazed areas separating the interior from the exterior. The smart glass maximizes daylight with minimal heat gain. These measures helped to significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed for lighting and air conditioning in the Vienna Museum.

The façade upgrade coupled with the use of regenerative energy for heating and cooling means the Vienna Museum on Karlsplatz covers almost all of its own energy needs. Extensive air conditioning is usually required for the purposes of conserving museum exhibits.

SageGlass helps create low-carbon buildings that enhance occupant wellness by delivering the world’s best smart windows. The company’s electrochromic glass tints and clears automatically, optimizing both light and thermal comfort in a space – no need for blinds or shades.

Owned by Saint-Gobain, a world leader in light and sustainable construction, SageGlass is part of a group with over 350 years of building science and glass experience.

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