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ASTM to Start Solar Glass Subcommittee; Title and Scope Created During a Virtual Meeting Today

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ASTM International held a virtual organization meeting today during which participants from both the glass and solar industries came together and voted to form a subcommittee to focus on solar glass. Attendees of the virtual meeting included representatives of the U.S. Department of Energy, ASTM’s E44 committee on solar, geothermal and other energy sources and ASTM’s C14 committee on glass and glass products—approximately 75 in total.


During the call, participants voted unanimously to title the ASTM activity/subcommittee “Glass for Solar Applications.”


The group also identified a scope, as follows:

The development and maintenance of standards for glass and glass coatings for solar applications that include, but are not limited to, photovoltaic, solar thermal and concentrating applications. The standards will address the characteristics that affect performance, durability and reliability.

The work of this activity will be coordinated with other ASTM Committees and outside organizations having mutual interest.


DOE representative Ed Etzkorn, who worked with ASTM to organize the call and participation of both industries’ representatives, spoke early in the meeting about the goal of the effort.


“Our goal is to accelerate the innovation of solar technology,” he said. “This effort really plays into that.”


The main purpose of the initial meeting was also to design a “blueprint” for the work of the subcommittee, explained ASTM director of development operations Pat Picariello, who led the call.


The group also reviewed an initial overview of what types of work could come out of the subcommittee—and areas that could be addressed, such as photovoltaic applications, glass types used for solar applications, coatings, films, various durability issues, and glass used in solar hot water and heating systems.


But, overall, Picariello advised what would be addressed would be nailed down in the future—once the work begins.


“You all are going to have the ability to decide what you’re going to do based on what your needs are,” he said.


Though those who participated agreed that a subcommittee will be formed, it is still to be determined whether that subcommittee will fall under the E44 committee’s work or that of C14.


Participants were mixed in their views. One proponent of placing the subcommittee under the work of E44 proposed that solar glass has different requirements than that of architectural and that E44 would be better suited to take these on.


“A lot the things that are important for glass that goes into modules are not important for glass that goes into windows,” said the proponent.


One other representative on the call advised that there will be enough with the work of a solar glass subcommittee with the work of C14 that it should go there.


Ultimately, Picariello advised, based on the feedback he heard, he’d contact the E44 committee to see if they will accept the solar glass subcommittee to work under their efforts. He also explained that E44 has a broad scope that is more open to encompassing various solar glass standards that might be developed by the subcommittee.


“The scope of E44 is so broad that it could handle and take on an activity such as this,” he said.


In the coming weeks, the group will be finalizing its roster (the initial list will consist of those on the call), locating officers and beginning work.


“Those are the immediate next steps,” Picariello advised. “You’ve created something new inside of ASTM. You should be congratulated for that and ASTM is excited to work with you in this new and exciting subject area.”

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