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Analysis of The trend of China Glass Industry on 2012

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(China Glass Network) According to the statistic, average glass price (4mm) on the middle of May rose 0.8 yuan/weight case to 66.1 yuan/weight case. Over the same period, industry stock dropped to 27.57 million weight cases, chain relative radio down 1%, about 270000 weight cases. During this period, Regional seminar held frequently, and the Price increase agitation spread from south to north.


Broker insiders held the same opinion; the overall glass industry has gone through the deficit stage. However, it doesn’t mean the glass industry steps on smooth road.


Since the beginning of 2011, glass prices began to turn down, always wandering at the bottom. After nearly five quarter descending, the whole industry was at loss. Glass listed companies first-quarter report showed Yaohua Pilkington Glass and Luoyang Glass respectively lose 18.61 million and 36.06 million. Though Southglass A and Jinjing Technology had quarter profit of 121.23 million yuan and7.4998 million yuan, they all had a sharp decline year-on-year 70.8% and 89.6%.

Huatai researcher Zhou Huan said, glass market turns good the main reason is that from the fourth quarter of last year, due to the loss, a large number of glass production lines were idling or changing the line of production, then ordinary glass supply contraction effect began to appear. Even the present needs have no significant rise, price and the stock still appeared positive changes. From his words, at present, the stopped production lines are the most in the history, and reached 70.


Currently, there are 10 float glass production lines wait for ignition, productivity for 59.15 million weight cases. There are other 12 production lines which are basically completed, productivity for 50.24 million weight cases. Recovery efforts is differ from domestic regions; also makes glass prices upward trend appears variable.



Source: GlassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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