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IGMA Educational Seminar Kicks Off in Las Vegas Today

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The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) of Ottawa, Ontario, opened its two-day educational seminar today in Las Vegas. The morning began with an introduction by Bill Lingnell, technical consultant for IGMA, who spoke about "Preventing IG Failures."

"Failure can include more things than seal failure, such as debris and a failed desiccated matrix," said Lingnell, as the session got underway.

He then provided a session called "Introduction to Insulating Glass," reviewing the history and terminology of IG as well as an explanation of what IG is. "The main point of insulating glass is to be an energy-saver," he said.

Most notably, Lingnell briefly discussed the importance of gas filling and discussed the differences between argon and krypton. He mentioned that the heavier the gas, the lower the thermal conductance. "Krypton is about 2.89 times heavier [than argon], which gives you a better conductivity." According to Lingnell, the use of the krypton also can help decrease the airspace needed between glass lites.

Other morning seminars included "


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