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LiSEC Glass Processing Machinery: All From One

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LiSEC will showcase new technologies and systems for the flat glass industry at glasstec 2012 under the slogan “All From One.” The one-stop supplier to the glass industry will present innovations in glass cutting and sorting, insulating glass production, laminated glass production, and flat glass processing in a total area of 2,600 m² (30,000 ft2). LiSEC once again demonstrates its technological expertise with the FlyOver, a system revolutionising remnant plate handling. Furthermore, the glass machinery expert will exhibit a wide range of products in the fields of automation, project planning and services.


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Complete insulating glass production

At glasstec LiSEC will exhibit high-end insulating glass machines and solutions, which are easy to operate and offer the highest manufacturing quality. Capabilities to fulfil all of the requirements of a wide range of products—such as optimised cycle times and ability to manufacture double, triple, or quadruple glazed units and stepped glass units—are a matter of course. Additionally, LiSEC will introduce an improved system at glasstec which significantly enhances the sealing process, particularly in the corners of insulating glass units. LiSEC will also show the proven frame bending system BSV-45ANK, which is suitable for all common types of spacer frames, as well as automatic sealing systems for neatly sealed insulating glass units.


Sorting systems: fully automatic, reliable and flexible

LiSEC sorting systems ensure that manufacturing lines are fed with the appropriate glass sheets in a fast and reliable manner and in optimum time. At glasstec the Austrian machinery manufacturer will present completely automatic sorting plants as well as a dynamic sorting system. The latter combines the advantages of automatic and manual machines and offers maximum flexibility in changing manufacturing conditions or when expanding production facilities.


A revolution in remnant plate handling and efficient glass cutting

The LiSEC FlyOver is a revolution in remnant plate handling and efficient glass cutting. The intelligent one-row design of the suction bridge allows it to move diagonally above the entire glass storage area when no glass is being transported. In this way, the bridge will automatically follow the shortest path to the next storage rack, which minimises cycle times and keeps cutting machines working at full capacity. This LiSEC innovation offers another revolutionary advantage, besides the significant time savings achieved: The FlyOver renders costly remnant plate storage systems obsolete by transporting remnants back to the glass storage area and by using the storage racks as remnant plate racks.
With the improved ESL/RS cutting table, LiSEC offers a machine that can cut and grind glass sheets in one cycle, enabling the maximum overall process speed. This next-generation cutting table has a new look and brings considerable improvements in cycle times and efficiency. Furthermore, a new space-saving breakout system will be presented at glasstec.


Faster edge processing

The KBU, LiSEC’s fully automatic glass edge processing centre, offers significant time savings because it permits a continuous CNC work process. The vertical design and integrated automatic tool changer render tool set-up and positioning times totally irrelevantinconsequential.

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Visitors to the LiSEC booth will have the chance to find out more about all of the additional benefits of the new processing centre. The KBU can grind and polish almost any glass type or shape with a thickness between 2 and 19 mm. The system delivers high-quality edges, is capable of flat edge (FA) grinding and C grinding, and is able to seam shaped and rectangular glass sheets, making it the perfect choice for structural glass, interior glazing, and functional and solar glass.


Laminated glass production at the highest level

LiSEC offers innovative machines and customised line configurations for professional laminated glass production. With some recent innovations in this field, LiSEC will be able to address the needs of many customers at glasstec. A pre-lamination line with a new horizontal washing machine, an improved foil application system, and a press system, which all ensure maximum precision and flexibility, will be on display at glasstec. Laminated glass production—even for shapes or special foil types—is now simple and smooth, and the quality of the end product is enhanced.


Outstanding tempering technology

LiSEC flatbed tempering systems deliver a uniform structure of unrivalled density and surface tension for glass sheets thinner than 2 mm. This thin type of safety glass bends without breaking under high pressure or on impact. Optical distortions (roller waves), which are quite common in conventional horizontal tempering furnaces with transport rollers, are now a thing of the past. At glasstec visitors will have the possibility to see the striking properties of this highly resistant and flexible thin glass.


System competence - All from one

Furthermore, LiSEC will provide an overview of their automation capabilities at glasstec. Well-synchronised machines, integrated automation solutions and tailored software packages allow LiSEC to meet all requirements and quality standards in glass manufacturing. This will be presented in a number of live demonstrations at glasstec. Visitors can also gain detailed information on project planning, production control and quality control in the field of glass processing machinery. Among other things, LiSEC will present the GPS.perfectscan glass scanning system, which can now also be used for finished insulating glass units, in addition to single glass sheets.


Asset management

The availability of each glass processing machine is of particular importance when using connected systems. However, it is also a key success factor for non-connected systems. In order to maximise the machines' availability across their life time, LiSEC will showcase a number of solutions facilitating maintenance work, ranging from analysis tools for preventive maintenance to extremely fast troubleshooting systems.


Quality management - GPS.qms

LiSEC Automation has developed GPS.qms to support you in carrying out the required quality assurance processes. Moreover, it fully meets the requirements of the new future Construction Products Regulation. Once the tool is integrated, suppliers’ raw materials can be easily tracked and quality assurance tests can be recorded. Working from customised test scenarios, the tool will inform employees when it is necessary to test a specific material. If quality scanner systems are in use, their results can also be included in the customer's quality report. 

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