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Domestic PV Enterprises should get rid of Developing Pattern of “World Factory”

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(China Glass Network) Developed countries has promoted development for distributed PV power generation combining with construction for several years. Germany has launched large-scale roof PV generation plan from 1990s and more than 80% of the PV power generation installation is from roof power station. Buildings with roof power station are also common in the U.S, Japan, Italy, etc. PV enterprises of China should keep continuous innovation, to solve problems of stability power supply. We also need to promote distributed PV power generation technology. The “Gold Sun” project launched by the government aims to expand the scale of distributed PV power generation.


The electricity generated by solar PV power grid is direct current, which is generated after steps of rectifier and inverter. With the disadvantages of link increase, lower efficiency and unstable quality, this is in fact not the most scientific technology path.


If we can distribute the direct current generated by solar PV power grid by directly driving DC electrical appliances, it can save cost and guarantee efficiency at the same time. Dc frequency conversion technology is the mainstream technology of energy saving all over the world. Strengthen local standards set for the dc product, take advantage of the government fiscal policy subsidy for distributed power generation and dc electrical, domestic demand expanding problem will be solved scientifically.

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