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Discussion of 2012 Domestic PV Market Development

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(China Glass Network) National Energy Administration and National Industry and Information Department are preparing a series of “rescue the market” action. They dedicate to promote a large scale of PV project lunching and drive the PV industry developing orderly. It is released; National Energy Administration requires the province and regions to hand in the name list of the first distributed PV power generation application demonstration plot execute plan of twelfth five-year planning ahead of the October 12. National Industry and Information Department will gradually set the threshold to access the PV market for these enterprises.


Twelfth five-year planning of Solar Power puts forward for the first time that the future will focus on promotion of distributed power generation system. Till the 2015, the target of the distributed solar station from installation to generation is 10 million KW. At present, the digital is almost zero, and there is of a great potential in this market. If calculated as the current distributed power generation system 15000 yuan per KW of comprehensive cost, by 2015, the market size can reach 150 billion yuan.


National Energy Administration has formally issued the declaration about distributed PV energy scale application demonstration area notice. The notice requires that, in principle, the number of these declarations of single province is no more than three, and the total capacity is no more than 0.5 millipom KW. It means the total capacity of the first declaration of the 31 provinces and regions will reach 15 million KW.


The first demonstration area will be concentrated on Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and other Central and eastern coastal areas. The notice puts forward that the government will issue a subsidy policy to help these enterprises according to the electric quantity. According to the upcoming districted generation management method, subsidy funds limit will be determined through competition and the subsidy starting point is the retail price actual paid by the users.


Shenyin Wanguo Securities analyst thought, the policy is similar to the PV power station pole online electricity price policy issued last year, and it marks the PV distributed application was unveiled.


The analyst also points out that, in view of the policy clear and definite that the distributed power generation will be centralized promoted in the city industrial park, large industrial enterprise, and photovoltaic power generation price already close to the electricity price for industry and commerce. PV power generation economy will thus appear gradually, and industry and commerce parity price is coming. The more direct benefit is that in the background of PV manufacturing export hindered, the domestic market in the future will gradually accelerated digest excess capacity. He predicts that in the future the domestic market will account for the domestic PV cell production of 30 percent to 50 percent.


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