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FTC addresses revised "Green Guides" at AAMA National Fall Conference

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The Federal Trade Commission issued its


Among other modifications, the guides caution marketers not to make broad, unqualified environmental claims like "green" or "eco-friendly," as they are difficult to substantiate. Instead, marketers should qualify general claims with clear, prominent and specific environmental benefits, Kueckelhan said. 


When marketers qualify a general claim with a specific benefit, consumers understand the benefit to be significant. As a result, marketers shouldn't highlight small or unimportant benefits. If a qualified general claim conveys that a product has an overall environmental benefit because of a specific attribute, marketers should analyze the trade-offs resulting from the attribute to prove the claim, she continued.


Kueckelhan urged AAMA attendees to read the four-page summary of the changes in the guides; the video explaining highlights of the changes, 


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