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The Golden Age for Development of New Materials is Coming

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(China Glass Network) “The 12th Five-year Plan for Emerging Industry” and the plans for other seven industries have been submitted to the State Council and will be published soon. As the footstone of the seven emerging industries, new material will also be faced with the golden age for development. Special glass( including solar PV glass and ultra-thin glass) is listed as the main industry, which will be benefit from the policy support and accord with the development trend of the national economy.


The government has issued several documents to support the development of solar TCO glass and ultra-thin glass.” The Guiding Opinion for Building Material Industry during the Five-year Plan” lays stress on development of progressing glass products as solar PV glass and ultra-thin substrate glass. The guiding opinion also expect that demand of flat glass in China will be 750 million standard cases, coated glass of 140 million square meters, solar PV glass of 160 million square meters, auto safety glass of 220 million square meters and ultra-thin display substrate glass of 120 million square meters.


Traditional poly-crystalline-silicon solar cell accounts for 80% of the whole PV market. However, with simple operation, less cost and energy consumption, thin-film solar cell also has wide prospect.


Growing Demand of Ultra-thin Glass


It’s expected that annual growing rate of smartphone, tablet PC and SD TV will be more than 50%, which will drive the rapid development of touch screen industry, demand of downstream products, ultra-clear glass will also appear corresponding rise.


TFT-LCD is one of the best color display devices and it is the main trend of the future market.


Because of the difficult production process, ultra-thin glass market is monopolized by Asahi and Corning Glass. There is still huge gap of capacity in Chinese ultra-clear glass market and domestic consumers mainly rely on exporting.

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