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Energy-saving Windows & Doors need Technical Innovation to Act on International Convention

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(China Glass Network) “Construction energy consumption occupies more than 40% of the main energy consumption, the Energy loss through doors and windows account for half of the construction energy consumption. “ Director of China Construction Metal Structure Association said in a new release. He also pointed out that windows and doors play an important role in heat control and energy consumption of the building.


“Window and door is the main factor for construction energy efficiency, however, the important energy saving field has been ignored for a long tome.”


By methods of section reconstruction of door & window frame profiles, adding insulation cavity,filling insulation materials, adopting Anti-aging sealing strip and multilayer hollow glass, heat transfer property of glass window and doors can be reduced, to save energy consumption of coal and electric power.


Compared with developed countries, energy-saving window and door industry of our country is till in its beginning stage. Popularizing rate in developed countries is almost 100% while that of China is only 0.4.


With the coming of green building, ecological city and spring tide of indemnificatory housing construction, energy-saving industry has become the main emerging industry accompanied with introduction of promotion policies for energy-saving window & door. The energy-saving window & door that meet green building standards will have broad market.


According to statistics, construction area of China is 45.3 billion square meters by the end of 2011 and the number will be 60 billion square meters in the following six years. Annual consumption of architectural doors and Windows is 0.65 billion square meters with output value over 450 billion RMB. The existing construction area of 11 billion square meters will enter replacement period after ten years, which will pull development of upstream and downstream industry including metal material, wood, hardware accessories, sealing materials, paint and so on.


Energy-saving window & door industry is the combination of systematic high technology products. However, most of the manufacturers of China appear backwardness of looseness in structure, low technical content and technology lack.


Setting up of reasonable standard will help improve the whole level of the market. A unified standard for windows and doors is the precondition for production and application of architectural windows and doors. Standard will give decisive, normative guidance in the development progress of energy-saving window & door industry.


Under the difficult economical situation, transformation and upgrading of enterprise is the main development trend. Technological innovation is the urgent affairs for development of energy-saving window & door industry.


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