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TIME Magazine Lists Glass Industry Products in its Best Inventions of 2012

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Several products ranked in TIME magazine's 25 best inventions of the year are innovations that have the capability to advance the glass industry in various sectors. 

One of the inventions is a building facade that reacts to temperature change. Al Bahar Towers, located in Abu Dhabi, features shades that automatically open and close in response to the heat index. The shades also reduce heat gain by more than 50 percent and significantly reduce the tower's carbon emissions by an estimated 1,750 tons per year by using less air-conditioning, according to TIME's list of inventions. The price of the facade is $245 million. 

Another invention on TIME's list that has the ability to heighten the glass industry is Google Glass. Essentially a computer built into the frame of eye glasses, Google Glass will bring augmented reality into the daily life of its users. The product's half-inch display tracks eye movement to share photos, video-chat, check appointments, access maps and the Internet. Google Glass' projected release date is 2014 and will cost $1,500. 

Another glass product TIME lists is LiquiGlide. Estimated at 25 cents per bottle, the product's surface obtains a slippery coating that anything will slide off of. From ice off of airplane wings to containers of hotdog condiments, LiquiGlide's microscopic coating is applicable for a variety of material including glass, ceramic, metal and plastic. 

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