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New Energy especially Solar Industry Accelerates Globally through Economic Downturn

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(China Glass Network) New energy industry appears rapid development these years all over the world, especially since the international financial crisis of 2008, governments of different countries has launched stimulus policies to promote development of the economy and new energy industry. New energy is also one of the Important supports for economic and social development in the future.


With launching of policies for new energy development, construction of new energy in our country is developing at transnormal speed.


Wind power installed capacity during “the Tenth Five-year Plan” increased with annual growing rate of 20%, which also make an important contribution for energy supply guarantee, energy structure adjustment and sustainable development promotion.

Installation of solar power in our country has achieved 3 million KW, occupies of the global capacity and ranks NO.1 all over the country.


China has become the largest manufacturing and consuming country of solar water heater in 2009. The output of solar water heater was up to 57.6 million square meters with increasing rate of 17.6%.


Because of high technological requirement of grid access and high cost of new energy industry, popularize rate of new energy industry is no wide enough and 90% of the solar products are for exporting.  

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