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Anyang Fangyuan And Its Polishing Pad

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(China Glass Network) As we know, the polishing pad is a very important accessory part of glass industry. It is wildly used in LCD, optical lens, mobile phone screen and other sectors. Mentioned polishing pad, we must mention the Anyang Fangyuan Abrasive Materials Co., Ltd, the largest and most professional abrasive company in domestic.


An Yang Fangyuan Abrasive Materials Co., Ltd is dedicated to the R & D and production of rare earth. With 6000-ton rare earth oxides and 800-ton praseodymium-neodymium metal annual output, the company selects raw ores and builds extraction and the rare earth and catalyst and praseodymium-neodymium metal production lines. Supported by self-established R&D center, the company has built 2 independent rare earth polishing powder production lines with 5000-ton annual output or series polishing powder, which has met world’s advanced standards.


Its main products are polyurethane polishing powder pad, polishing leather, polyurethane polishing pad and polishing powder series.

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polyurethane polishing pad :

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   polishing powder series:


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