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Glass Wall System for High-Quality Interior Design

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China Glass NetworkThe technology company SCHOTT has now developed a Wall System that meets even the highest demands for interior design. As a complete package of high-quality glass solutions, it enables installations like illuminated walls or stylish partitions. By utilizing extruded aluminum profiles, the Wall System is not only extremely strong and durable, but also light and attractive in appearance. Its modular construction offers diverse design and set-up options that range from free-standing individual modules to more extensive connected walls. The modules can be equipped with door options, integrated multimedia technology and display cases. The range includes various sizes of wall frames and additional wall attachments that can be installed up to 30 feet high. “We developed the SCHOTT Wall System with the architect and interior designer in mind. For too long, high-quality glass wall solutions have required custom design and installation. Now, SCHOTT has delivered a complete solution from concept to installation,” explains Dr. Martin Rüttgers, Vice President of SCHOTT Architecture + Design. “Our Wall System offers a fresh, new look for any room, and the modular approach provides versatility and turns ideas and concepts into reality,” he adds. Products that can be integrated into the Wall System include Opalika® white flashed opal glass, which is made from two fused glass layers to provide a unique way of evenly distributing light. When combined with purpose-built lighting panels, a wall can provide a multitude of color effects, either fixed or shifting. Mirona® transition glass switches from being a mirror to become a screen in an instant depending on the brightness behind the pane. It can be used to present simple information or to display complex sales messages tailored to client requirements. Amiran® anti-reflective glass offers the possibility of building stunning showcases within the Wall System with exceptionally low reflection glass to bring the items on display to life. High color rendering display LED lighting is also incorporated within the display case to allow for a product to be presented as attractively as possible.


Source: SCHOTT/schott.comAuthor: shangyi

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