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The Building Material Industry On 2012

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(China Glass Network)  On October, the national cement production is a little more than September and 11.5 percent than last October. But the growth speed is 5 percent slow than the same period of last year. Meanwhile, the flat glass production reduced 1 percent than last month and 5.7 percent than the same period of last year.

The price of cement and glass rises. On October, the average factory price of key building material cement enterprises is 346.5 per ton, growing 29.2 yuan per ton than last month, but 41.9 yuan per ton less on year-on-year basis. The factory price of flat glass is 63.7 yuan per weight case, 2.4 yuan per weight case more than last month, and 0.6 yuan per weight case less on year-on-year basis. The amount of increase is respectively 3.8 percent and 1 percent. At the end of October, the cement stock of key building material enterprises keeps 11.81 million, growing 2.4 percent than last year. the flat glass stock is 36.55 million weight case, dropping 9 percent.

From January to October, the national production of cement is 1.80046 billion tons. It grows 6.7 percent but the growth speed slows 11.3 percent. The national production of flat glass is 596.99 million weight cases, dropping 4.1 percent.

From January to September, the building material industry realized profit 22.44 billion, decreasing 8.2 percent on year-on-year basis. Among it, the cement industry is taken 3.59 billion yuan, dropping 51.3 percent. What’s worse, the flat glass industry turns from net profit 2.84billion yuan to net deficiency 0.84 billion yuan.

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