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DELO and Ticona jointly develop solution for microelectronics

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Daily use of electronic equipment, like cell phones, laptops or tablet PCs is increasing at a breathtaking pace. At the same time these devices are becoming more powerful and inexpensive from generation to generation while decreasing in size and weight. This trend towards miniaturization can only be achieved with the corresponding materials, the appropriate technologies and bonding processes. Thus for example, cell phone cameras are bonded on a printed circuit board which is then soldered with other SMD components in the reflow oven. This soldering process, in which peak temperatures of 260 °C are reached, requires high resistance on the part of plastic components and adhesives. DELO, manufacturer of industrial adhesives, has developed a new adhesive solution for this purpose that allows Vectra® LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) to adhere to FR4 and ceramic boards even after triple reflow process, without loss of adhesion.China Glass Network

Source: DELO Industrie Klebstoffe GmbH & Co. KGaAAuthor: shangyi

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