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The Analysis of Glass Deep-processing Industry

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(China Glass Network) EVA film Laminated glass is mainly applied to glass curtain wall, rain cover, skylight, balcony guardrail and stair railing. The laminated glass can be divided into two categories, the wet laminated glass and dry laminated glass. The wet laminated glass adopts the traditional gluewater. And the dry laminated glass has two categories, too, EVA film and PVB film.

Wet laminated glass and PVB laminated glass has their own disadvantages. The wet laminated glass is of less rigidity. The PVB laminated glass has enough rigidity but high cost. So both of them are forced to withdraw from the market. And the EVA with the advantages of simple processing, less investment and low cost begins to occupy the market.

Curved laminated glass is mainly used for glass curtain wall, windows, upright and spiral stair. The demand of the curved laminated glass is increasingly. Now, there are two kinds of curved glass in the market, hot bending laminated glass and bending steel laminated glass. PVB film laminated glass has a complex processing process and high cost. So apart the auto glass will adopt the PVB film laminated glass, others choose EVA film laminated glass as the substitute.

Fire-proof glass is often used in bank counter. The fire-proof glass has wet method, dry method and wet method. In all. The EVA fire-proof glass is more popular in the market.

Flower laminated glass originates from South Korea. The processing technology is affected by the true flower’s color and thickness which is a blank in China. Till May, 2009, some Chinese companies introduced this technology, then it favored by the high-end market. It has an optimistic prospect.

Wired fabric laminated glass is laminated glue and fabric between two pieces of glass. This kind of glass originated from South Korea, too. Wired fabric laminated glass can be installed in bedroom slide door which is of nice appearance and safety at the same time.  Seeing form domestic market, the wired fabric laminated glass has a good profit and development room.

Tinted laminated glass’s appearance is dramatic which is invented to replace the painting glass. The colored film is laminated between two pieces of glass, and the tinted laminated glass appears. This kind of glass is more safety and brighter than painting glass. It is widely used in KTV floor, hotel decoration and other high-end decoration.

Tea table glass first occurred in Shandong. The amber pattern material and marbling pattern material is laminated between the pieces of glass. Due to its artistic and delicate, the sale is very well.


Source: GlassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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