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The Conclusion Of PV Industry

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(China Glass Network) China PV industry has witnessed the rapid development of PV enterprises.  it was the largest production base in the world. But now, the China glass industry is in the cold winter. The production value and sale are falling sharply. Some enterprises are even confronted with financial difficulties.

As an emerging industry, why PV industry faces so many difficulties at the beginning? We have to think it carefully. There may be three reasons, overcapacity, high export dependence and lack of core technology.  

Energy sources shortage and serious environment pollution, the world needs new energy urgently. The solar PV generation, as one of the most energy-saving, convenient, clean and efficient energy, attracts the global attentions. Our country, too, lists the PV industry as the strategic emerging industry.

Learning from this lesson, China PV industry has modified themselves to start again. From now on, China PV enterprises are dedicated to low the cost of PV generation, promote the innovation of core technology, improve the application and upgrade the whole industry. We have to give full play to the role of market mechanism to consolidate the international market and expand the domestic demand.

Our country gives fully policy support for the PV industry. The State Grid has introduced a series of policy to help the PV industry get out of the dilemma and remove the obstacle. On the other hand, the government is going to set about the management and regulation of the industry based on the practice. They will focus on to dissolve the repeated construction and market vicious competition. And for the most important, strengthen the support of key technology development to enhance the core competition of the PV enterprises.

Source: GlassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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