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The Car Coach: Windshield Safety

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The windshield deflects your car’s passenger air bag in a collision and supports the roof during a rollover, providing structural integrity that prevents the roof from caving in.

Because of its crucial role in the event of an accident, do not treat auto glass replacement with the casualness of everyday vehicle maintenance.

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Q: Many drivers don’t realize that the windshield is actually a safety device. Can you tell me more about that?
-The windshield is the second most important safety device in a vehicle after the seatbelt.
-The windshield deflects the passenger air bag during a collision. 

-Windshields supports the roof during a rollover, providing structural integrity that prevents the roof from caving in.


Q: Clearly we shouldn’t treat windshield replacements the same way that we do other routine maintenance. What do drivers need to know about replacing windshields?
-Make sure that a windshield installation adheres to AGRSS®, the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard.

Q: What does AGRSS® do?
-The Auto Glass Safety Council is a national non-profit organization that educates and accredits the auto glass industry. They developed AGRSS®, the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard, which addresses procedures, education and product performance. AGRSS® specifies the proper tools, equipment, auto glass, and installation methods for windshield shops across the country. 
-11 million windshields are replaced in the U.S.A. every year. Currently, only 20% of all auto glass shops have registered with and follow AGRSS®.

Q: What else do drivers need to look for in an auto glass repair shop?
-The work should be completed by a Certified Auto Glass Technician.
-The urethane adhesive used on your vehicle should provide a fast, 1-2 hour safe drive-away time. Make sure this guarantee is in writing.
-Ensure that the company uses glass sourced from an OEM supplier (original equipment manufactured). In contrast to many auto glass companies in the country, Glass America buys glass only from OEM suppliers to ensure the perfect fit, every time. 
-Be sure to receive a written lifetime warranty.

Q: Are there any resources where people can learn more? 

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