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EAT Glass Announces Auto-Tinting Auto Glass

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Electronic Auto Tint Glass (EAT Glass) announced yesterday its newly available auto glass that automatically tints with the touch of a button. Drivers are able to control the amount of tint. EAT Glass says the technology can be used in any make and model vehicle.

"The new technology developed exclusively by EAT Glass relies on a micro-thin glaze applied to two panes of automotive glass. Within the film, electricity-motivated particles are suspended. When current is cut to the glaze, the particles block light. When current is applied, the particles align to allow light to pass through. By controlling the amount of current supplied to the glaze, drivers are able to create the ideal level of tint for their needs," reads a release issued by the company.

The company says the technology requires no moving parts or maintenance and does not reduce visibility for vehicle occupants.

Source: www.glassbytes.comAuthor: shangyi

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