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Glass Environment

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The manufacture of glass makes relatively small demands on the environment compared with many other materials. It uses mainly readily available minerals to produce environmentally friendly products which have many beneficial uses from double glazing to solar panels and packaging.

Water consumption is comparatively low and reuse standard. Fuel use is undoubtedly the major impact but relative consumption has fallen dramatically over the years and stringent controls exist under UK Climate Change agreements and the EU emission trading schemes not to mention the financial incentive to minimize use. The industry is also subject to the EU Emissions trading scheme controlling Greenhouse Gases and what is commonly known as Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control, controlling other emissions and energy use.

British Glass contributes to the process of environmental performance improvement by keeping its industry members fully apprised of legislation and technical developments.

Company Application for Climate Change Agreement (Energy Intensity Competition)

This spreadsheet summaries background information for Trade or Sector Associations (SA) that wish to make a formal submission to join new Climate Change Agreements (CCA). The submission must be sent to the SA that will represent all the companies who wish to join the proposed CCA. All the information that is required to assess this submission can be entered into this single spreadsheet. Provided all the information supplied is accurate and correct the criteria for qualification can be assessed by the SA.

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