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Ontario puts window energy requirement into law

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Jan. 4, 2013 - 

The requirement applies to residential windows only. In basement windows incorporating a load-bearing structural frame, the window must now be double-glazed with a low-E coating. All other windows must meet a U-factor of at least two watts per square meter on centre, or an energy rating of no less than 17. Windows must also be certified and labeled to CSA A440.2 or NFRC thermal standards.

Excluded products include:

  • decorative windows that have stained glass panels, iron inserts or blinds contained in a sealed insulating glass unit,
  • heritage replacement windows intended to be installed in a heritage building,
  • glazing replacements in an existing sash or frame, if the U-factor of the replacement glazing is equal to or less than the U-factor of the original glazing,
  • decorative sidelights for doors,
  • windows that are designed for a specific building, and
  • windows that fall outside the scope of the certification programs for CSA or NFRC.

The Ontario Green Energy Act has been in place since 2009.

These requirements are not as strict at the building code requirement, but they do mean that all windows sold in Ontario will have to be certified to CSA A440.2 or NFRC. Fenestration Canada will follow-up with more information on the Ontario Green Energy Act requirements early in 2013. 

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