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EAT Glass Announces Dramatic New Glass Tinting Capabilities and Technology for Luxury Vehicles

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Electronic Auto Tint Glass (EAT Glass) has today announced the availability of breakthrough technology that enables drivers to control the amount of tint on their vehicle’s windows with the simple touch of a button. This revolutionary technology can be applied to any make and model and provides significant advantages over outmoded tinting methods.

The new technology developed exclusively by EAT Glass relies on a micro-thin glaze applied to two panes of automotive glass. Within the film, electricity-motivated particles are suspended. When current is cut to the glaze, the particles block light. When current is applied, the particles align to allow light to pass through. By controlling the amount of current supplied to the glaze, drivers are able to create the ideal level of tint for their needs.

The advantages of this revolutionary new technology are manifold. Consumers benefit in a wide range of ways, including the ability to eliminate costly window treatments that last a very short time (traditional automotive tinting films, for instance). In addition, consumers enjoy a much longer lifespan than with traditional tinting options – the system has been tested in excess of 100,000 cycles. Other benefits of EAT Glass tinting technology include the ability to block harmful UV rays from entering the cabin of a vehicle and damaging skin as well as the vehicle’s interior.

EAT Glass tinting technology requires no moving parts – it is solid-state technology, which ensures the utmost in terms of durability and reliability, as well as no maintenance requirements. The optical qualities of the system are excellent, and there is no reduction in visibility for drivers or passengers, even with the system set to full darkness. The controls are precise and results instant.

While the system can be adapted to any vehicle on the road, EAT Glass specifically developed their new solution for luxury and exotic cars, mirroring the fit and finish found within the highest-end automotive lines in the world today.

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About EATGlass.com: Electronic Auto Tint Glass (EAT Glass) has extensive experience with luxury and exotic automotive technology. The company’s passion is providing outstanding solutions to real needs through the adaptation of innovative technology and high quality.

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